New SUMMER - 2011 from ALESYA Fashion House


From February 17 - permanent 10% discount when ordering more than 3 units!


In Alesya Fashion House from April 26 permanent 20% discount on winter-spring collection


We invite for cooperation

For wholesale buyers - 10% seasonal discount on all assortments.

Alesya Fashion House offers a wide range of women's products to wholesalers, who have shops or departments selling clothing stores, entrepreneurs who sell women's clothing in malls and markets.

  • We are domestic producers and our policy of mutually beneficial cooperation is available to any wholesale buyer:
  • We have no reference to the fluctuations in currency, and our prices are always competitive
  • We do not put restrictions on the purchase model, only the dimensional grid
  • The minimum lot purchase of 10 units of any model and any size
  • delivery of goods carried out by any convenient haulers for you, up to the courier delivery to your home
  • a complete package of documents accompanying the goods
  • for the convenience of working with clients, we send free company  catalogues
  • we send samples of new models without prepayment to permanent partners

Existence of its own trading network enables us to analyze the demand of our shoppers at each model, conduct market research in the field of tastes and preferences of women. Therefore, we can offer you the best option of purchasing each product names. In this way we stand out from other manufacturers of women's clothing, offering their products to wholesalers


Chief Financial Director Sheludko Irina L. +38 (050) 615-23-81, +38 (096) 5250209, +38 (066) 4374527

Assistant Director - Svetlichnaya Inna G. +38 (050) 973-74-58, +38 (096) 248-71-37

Wholesale Manager - Chesnokova Natalia +38 (095) 441-79-68, +38 (096) 5250209, +38 (066) 4374527

For the convenience of wholesalers arriving to Kharkov, we have opened a new Alesya brand  store at Barabashova wholesale market .

Since 28 April 2011: Luzhniki, shop number 120442, work every day from 8.00 to 19.00. Since 2 May 2011: Crossroads, shop number 21К805 work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 7.00.

If you want to get more information on prices and terms of cooperation, please fill out this form.

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